Day One: Use household objects to compose rhythms. For example, toothbrush would be "titi." You can use more than one object to make it more difficult (dishwasher = ta titi). Write these out and give to Ms. Schultz.


Day Two: go to In the explore tab, please read and explore the families of the orchestra. Write a couple of sentences about what you learned to turn in to Ms. Schultz.



CLA Week of March 16-20: go to After clicking compose, click quick start. You can explore composing a piece of music. At the end, remember to play your piece so you can hear the finished product. If you finish and want to continue, you can build your own staff, add tempo (speed) and dynamic (volume) markings to make a real piece of music.

CLA Week of March 23-27: Together with your family, pick a song you all know. Listen to it and change the lyrics. Write down the lyrics, and maybe even record your performance!

CLA Week of March 30-April 3: Find three items you can use as musical instruments. Create a piece of music using these instruments. Feel free to get help from others in your home! 

CLA Week of April 6-8: Watch the following video and learn about the musical instruments!

CLA Week of April 15-17: Find an object that makes a sound (a hairbrush tapping the floor, or a box of pasta for example). play the rhythm while you sing a song from music class. Now try to play along as you sing. Finally, use the object to accompany a song you like the listen to. You can also do this with a song you and your family listen to from a movie or the radio. Have a parent sign off after you perform.

CLA Week of April 20-25: Please visit the link to my google drive. There are activities related to the families of the orchestra. Please just complete the word search for the String Family today, and write two facts that you know about this family on the back. Here is the link:

CLA Week of April 27-May 1: Visit the PBSkids Music Website at this link: and have some fun exploring today! I'd love to hear from you about what you learned today!

CLA Week of May 4-8: Listen to the following song:

Find the Heartbeat while you listen. Use a piece of paper and draw or color as you listen. Draw whatever this song makes you think about.