Continuous Learning Assignments

SNOW DAY CLA's only! Any CLA's that may arise from COVID will be posted on the Google Classroom
(Check the Google Classroom for updates on specific reading assignments)

Day #1- 

Look outside and evaluate weather conditions. Think about how the conditions are currently effecting the local government

Day #2-

Stop and think about how the process of school canecellation occurs. Think about who would have the final call and who might be consulted to assist in this decision.

Day #3-

Take a peek outside and consider who clears the roads and highways so we can still drive. Contemplate who is in charge of this and where that money comes from

Day #4-

Look up the Greenhouse Effect on an encyclopedia and think about how it is currently influencing the weather in your area


Day #5-

Explain the process of how the precipitation from last night or this morning formed


Day #6-

Using a web browser identify how much money is spent in Ohio on salt, brine, cinder, and sand each year for road treatment in the winter

Day #7-

Using the internet find the 5 states that lead the country in calamity days. 5 fewest. What is the main factor for these days?



Using  the internet find out the dates for the Summer and Winter Soltice and the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Why are these dates significant? Of the above which is going to occur next in our calendar year.

Day #9-

Research how this year compares to the previous two years on snowfall amounts in Ohio. Compare that data to Michigan and Kentucky's snow fall this year.

Day #10-

What is the current trend taken by legistlators in Ohio on missing school for calamity days. Why do you think they feel this way?

Day #11-

If you were an administrator deciding on whether to have school or not on a borderline weather day what would you use as the most important deciding factor?