Washington D.C.


Trip dates: May 17-20, 2023 (Wednesday, 5:30 am to Saturday, 4:45 am)

Trip operator: Nowak Tours (www.nowaktours.com)

Trip cost: $582 per adult, $547 per student (based on 4 per hotel room)

Parents will be able to go with their child at the cost listed below. *Student accounts will be credited $35 before the final payment is due. Parents and students may choose alternative room arrangements at an increased cost:

  • cost for 3 to a room is $615 per adult, $580 per student
  • cost for 2 to a room is $680 per adult, $645 per student
  • cost for 1 to a room is $865 per adult, $830 per student


Any adult keeping students besides their own children in their room will be required to have a BCI background check ($30 from the Tri-Valley Administration Center).


Student 1 and his father and mother want to stay in a room together. Cost is $615/adult plus $580/student for a total of $1810 (no BCI check needed).

Student 1 and his father will allow students 2 and 3 to stay with them. Cost is $582/adult and $547/student. So the cost for student 1 and his father is $1129 plus $30 for the BCI background check.

Student 1 and his father stay with student 2 and his father. Cost is $582/adult and $547/student. Student 1 and his father will pay $1129 (no BCI check needed).


Forms for room arrangements will be sent home later in the school year.


  • Permission Form (yellow form)– September 23 (next Friday)
  • Payment 1 ($175 per person) – October 7, 2022
  • Payment 2 ($175 per person) – January 20, 2023
  • Payment 3 (remaining balance) – March 10, 2023
  • BCI must be ordered by Friday, March 10


If individuals would like to make intermediate installments to break up the amounts, they are welcome to do so. (see payment packet).

Questions about the trip? Email Mrs. Bollinger at ebollinger@tvschools.org