Sitton Spelling Core Words

Core words are words that students see often when reading.  Some of the core words are a review of the "No Excuse" words.

Unit one core words: along, while, might, next, sound, one, there, would, been, little, think, because, great, small, never.

Unit two core words: below, saw, something, thought, both, there , from, their, said, could, first, back, right, help, between, never

Unit three core words: few, those, always, show, large, there, their, about, out, very, know, too, because, found, read, might

Unit four core words: often, together, asked, house, don't they, what, their, said, many, over, our, think, also, those, large

Unit five core words: world, going, want, school, important, what, there, each, write, right, around, another, help, always, show, asked

Unit six core words: until, form, food, keep, children, which, their, move, first, because, again, went, great, always, want, important