CLA #2

CLA #2
This assignment is due no later than one week (7 days - NOT school days) following its corresponding calamity day. Any assignment that is submitted after the deadline earns zero points.

This is a daily news site for teens. Each day they will post compelling, relevant and interesting news for teens. Stories are selected by teens working closely with professional journalists. Readers can comment upon these stories. They can also submit their own stories and photos.

You will need to:

1.Choose three news articles.
2. Read the articles.
3. Write a brief summary for each article that you read. (You should have three summaries and each summary should be at least a paragraph.) **A paragraph has at least 5 sentences. I expect proper sentence structure and grammar to be utilized.
***If  your paragraphs no not have at least 5 sentences, you will not receive full credit.***
4. You will have one week to complete this assignment. 

Please bring this completed assignment back to school with you.

Click on the following link to go to Tweentribune.