Week Nine (Final Week) Online Covid-19

Final CLA - (CLA 21, 22, 23) 

For your final assignment of the year, I want you to write a letter of reflection.  I would like you to focus your writing on this past year (your first year of high school).  Look at all that made up this pivotal time in your academic career.  Feel free to write about your time inside and outside of school (does not have to include Covid 19 break) using letter format.  Focus on being descriptive and using proper sentence structure and punctuation.  Make sure to include a salutation, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  The entire letter must be 500 words or more.  Please submit to our Google classroom, through email (krroberts@tvschools.org}, or drop off in the tubs in the front of the school.  Because I will be printing these, submission of digital pictures will not be accepted.

Again, do not feel that you can only focus on your school life. Feel free to include, sports, clubs, friends, and family.