Tri-Valley High School

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Request to Attend School Function


2019 TVHS Homecoming


DATE: Saturday, September 21, 2019


[This information is due at Tri-Valley by Tuesday, September 17, 2019]


You must have this form completed and turned in before purchasing tickets.


I request permission to attend an extra-curricular event at TVHS.  I fully understand and will abide by all of the school rules set forth by TVHS.  This includes but is not limited to: wearing proper attire; not using/possessing/being under the influence of any drug or alcohol (including tobacco); being respectful; not fighting; not using profanity; inappropriate dancing and refraining from excessive displays of affection.




I will be the guest of ___________________________________________________________ (printed).


I graduated from____________________________________________________ or am currently attending


____________________________________________________ High School.


Guest Name (printed):_____________________________________________________________


Guest Address:___________________________________________________________________


Guest Phone Number: (H)_________________________    (C)_____________________________


Guest Grade:________________                                           Guest Age:_______________________


Guest Signature:____________________________________          Date:______________________


The above student has requested permission to attend our school function.  In your professional opinion they are to be known of good standing, and will abide by TVHS’s school rules.  Your signature below signifies the cooperation needed to support and provide a safe environment.  Thank you for your help.  Any questions/concerns, please call Mr. Harris at 740-754-2921.


Date:_______________                     Administrator’s Signature:_____________________________


School Phone:_______________________    School Name:_________________________________


Note to TVHS student:  No middle school student or anyone exceeding 20 years of age will be permitted into the homecoming.