Links to Learning Websites

Click on the following websites for wonderful, interactive learning! 

Tri-Valley School District purchased a membership for the software program Reading Eggs which has Reading Eggs, Reading Express, and Math Seeds  This software is specific to each child as it gives them a placement test and then the skills advance in both reading and math.  They need to complete Reading Eggs before they continue on to Reading Express.  This can be accessed at home at the following website.  The students have their own log in which is their lunch number plus the letters tv and then use the password 1234.

Try these sites for great interactive games and activities for words, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and various types of writing activities:

Go to these websites for various games and activities for science, logic, literacy, math, memory skills, and more!

Go to this website to play various literacy games to help with reading.

Tri-Valley School District purchased a membership for the website -  Students may log into the site and use their lunch number for the user name and for the password.  The group name is tvschools. Students are able to read books and do various writing activities online. then click on sign-in

We are happy to provide a new eBook resource for kindergarten and first grade students to share with their families.  Our Follett shelf contains over 140 books on a variety of topics to entertain and challenge your young readers.  The Follett shelf can be accessed from any internet device so your little one can read wherever your busy day takes you. To access the Follett shelf, go to

The user name is their lunch# and the password is abc. 

We hope you and your child take advantage of this service and enjoy reading many good books together.  Each of these books has an AR quiz so, in addition to enjoying the books, your child can also show what he/she knows by quizzing on the books read.

Accelerated Reader (AR) - If you haven't checked out the home connection piece to see what books your child has read and how well they have done on tests.  The login name is your child's lunch number and their password is abc.

The Muskingum County Library has many resources on-line.  After you get to the site, scroll down to view all of the resources.


Try these website for various types of math activities for skills in numbers, shapes, space, data, probability, measurement, and math investigations.   

Our class is registered to use Moby Max which has math, fact master, reading, language, vocabulary, and writing. Students already took a math placement test and they are working at their own levels.  They can also do any of the other subjects and it will have them take a placement test and then they will work at their own level.  Students register by putting in the school code oh843, then their username is their lunch number with tv after it, and their password is 1234. then click "sign in" or go to   or

Try this website for grade level specific online activities in math for counting and number patterns, addition, subtraction, comparing, estimating, fractions, geometry, spatial sense, data and graphs, measurement, money, patterns, probability and statistics, sorting, ordering, and classifying, and time.

This website will take you directly to money games and activities.