Principal's Message

As we prepare for our summer break please keep in mind how important it is for kids to practice skills they have learned to be ready to start our new year off. Below you will find links to many great resources to use this summer.

We look forward to seeing everyone in August. Here are some important dates:

Open house                       Monday, August 24th

First day of school            Wednesday, August 26th

Language Arts:

Renaissance Learning:  Students may now take AR quizzes at home!  They will need to use the link on our school web site and log in as usual.  AR quizzes will be open, STAR tests will not be available.  The password that was previously required for STAR tests has been changed to block this.  You will be notified of the new password when we return to classes.

  3. Parents will need to set up a free account:
  4. Tumblebooks through the Muskingum County Library web site
  5. Into the Book- practicing reading strategies- parents will sign in to get a key:
  6. Squiggle Park or Dreamscape:
  7. Big Universe
  8. Study Island
  9. RAZ Kids
  10. Reading Eggs:

Science Resources:

  1. Generation Genius (, is an online science resource for elementary teachers and students accessible from anywhere that covers 94% of the science standards in Ohio. Our website contains fun & educational videos made in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) with each lesson supported by reading material, vocabulary, quizzes, DIY activities, lesson plans, teacher guides, discussion questions and more.  We have made full-access completely free for one month during this challenging time.
  2. Mystery Science:
  3. National Geographic:
  4. Study Island

Social Studies/History:

  1. National Geographic:
  2. History for Kids:
  3. Study Island
  4. This link has a lot of great history resources:

Math Resources:

  1. Check Math for IOS.  This app helps students check their work.
  2. Reflex Math
  3. ALEKS
  4. Kahn Academy
  5. Study Island
  6. MathSeeds:
  7. ZEARN- choose the link that says affect by school closures to create accounts for your students:

General Online Resources:

  1. Moby Max Parent Guide:
  2. Scholastic Learn at Home:
  3. ABC Mouse- Teachers must sign up for students to have access:



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