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Patrick Hopkins

Hello 7th & 8th grade TVMS Parents & Guardians,

I wanted to give you an School Update with the hopes of winter nearly behind us! 

A. Middle School Testing Schedule:

2019 State Testing Schedule

7th grade Test Dates

8th grade Test Dates

April 15, 2018 – 7th ELA #1 =120 min = 8:15 -10:20am*

April 11, 2018 – 8th ELA #1 =120 min = 8:15 -10:20AM*

April 16, 2018 – 7th ELA #2 =120 min = 8:15 -10:20AM*

April 12, 2018 – 8th ELA #2 =120 min = 8:15 -10:20AM*

April 29, 2018 – 7th Math #1 = 90 min = 8:15 – 9:50AM*

May 1stth – 8th MATH / ALG #1 = 90 min = 8:15 – 9:50AM*

April 30, 2018 – 7th Math #2 = 90 min = 8:15 – 9:50AM*

May 2nd – 8th MATH /ALG #2 = 90min = 8:15 – 9:50AM*


      May 6th – 8th Science #1 = 75 min only = 8:15 – 9:30AM*


     May 7th – 8th Science #2 = 75 m only = 8:15 – 9:30AM*


May 3rd – Geometry Test= Parts 1 & 2 = Test  from 8:15 -11:15AM


B.  Please Note: School will be in session on Friday 3/15, this is a modification from the glossy district calendar, due the School District now falling under the state’s hours requirement. 

C.  CLA’s (Continuous Learning Assignments) will no longer be required to be completed, as the District will now be under the Education Hours requirement of the state, which at this time will require at least 1 school day of make-up.  That date of make-up has not yet been decided at this time.  Students are responsible for the completion of only 7 CLA’s for each of their subject areas (unless an every other day class).  Any CLA that was listed as CLA #8 is not required, unless a teacher transitioned that CLA assignment to an in-school classwork or homework assignment.

D. Earlier this month most all of our students completed Sexting & Social Media Awareness Seminar with our School Resource Officer.  This was a worthwhile presentation that enabled a greater student understanding of common decency and student responsibility knowing & following the law as juveniles and as an adult.  Please speak with your child about these serious issues and concerns, working in partnership with the school, to enable good decision-making.

E.  Always refer to the MS webpage for the most up-to-date information…

F.  8th grade’s Washington DC Trip Final Payment is a larger installment due on 3/13/19 to Nowak Tours.  All payments must be made directly to Nowak Tours via mail or online (see payment packet). You will receive an email from Nowak Tours at the beginning of March with notice of your final balance.  This balance will include fundraisers that have defrayed the cost of all 8th grade students. Questions about the DC trip? Email - Ms. Prouty at or view this link:

G.  Acknowledgments:

1.     Congrats to all the Winter Season participants!  We have enjoyed watching your contests & giving your best effort this season!

2.     Spring Sports = Track meetings have occurred last week, please have your child obtain track information in the office, if they have not already obtained it.

3.     Top Dawgs = I want to complement our numerous students for their citizenship, service, academic focus, effort & leadership; as TVMS had hundreds of students recognized as TOP DAWGS of the week for the 3rd Quarter!  Great Job Dawgs! 

4.     Scotties in the Spotlight 7th grade February recipients: Cam Collopy, Collette Girton, Sadie Rice, Drayden Smith & Maggie Smith.  8th grade February recipients: Audrey Gee, Landen Shroyer, Ciara Spence & Jayden Walker.  Congrats!!

H. Looking Ahead:

2/27 = Spring MS Pictures in Gym during Lunches – paper forms were sent home & you may order from the link on MS website.

3/11- 3/14 = Credit Recovery Week in MASK

3/13 = Remaining Balance is Due for the student’s 8th grade DC trip.

3/14 = MS Boosters Dance /Activity Time from 2:30 – 4:30PM in TVMS Gym/Café, $3 Admission; Snacks & drinks available for additional $.

3/14 = 3rd Quarter Ends.

3/15 = School in Session as a Make-up Day! Start of the 4th Quarter.

3/15 = Online & Paper form YEARBOOK Orders are due!!!

3/18 & 3/19 = 8th grade scheduling for 7th graders in SS classes.

3/21 & 3/22 = High School Scheduling for 8th graders in SS classes.

3/22 = 3rd Quarter Grade Cards on Progressbook.

3/29 = District “Celebration of the Arts” Event (COTA) at TVHS from 6-9pm

4/5 = Student Council Dance / Activity Time from 2:30- 4:30PM.  Fundraiser for Field Day!

W 4/17 = 3rd Qtr AR Reward @ Cinemark Movie Theater.  Stay tuned for permission slip if child qualifies. 

Th 4/18 = M 4/22/17 – No school (Spring Break)

Tu 4/23 = No School (Staff Curriculum / Prof. Development Day)

F 4/26 = Student /Staff Basketball game in Gym about 1PM.

5/3 = MS Honor Society Ceremony @ 1:30pm in Gym.

5/10 = 8th grade Real Money$, Real World Simulation in Gym

5/15 – 5/18 = Eighth grade Washington DC trip

5/20 = Eighth grade Promotion @ 1pm in TVMS Gym.

5/21 = TVMS Field Day.

5/22 = Students Last Day, 2 hour early dismissal, 12:30pm student dismissal 


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Tri-Valley Middle School
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