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Mr. Johnson
Physics and Robotics
Room A-11

Greetings parents and guardians!

During this school year I will be using Google Classroom for all of my courses. All assignments, notes, quizzes and tests will be done through Google Classroom. I will have some paper handouts available to students who either wish to have paper or don't have access to an internet enabled device.

For my students learning remotely, log into Google Classroom and click on the Google Meet Link one to two minutes after your class period has started. Class period times are on the syllabus I have posted on Google Classroom.

Throughout the school year I will be using a grading system that will seem a little foreign to what you may remember from your time in school.  It is called standards based grading, and I feel it is an awesome way to keep students informed of their progress and what they need to do in order to learn more efficiently.  What makes this system different is that instead of grading assignments, I grade skills.  I call these skills Learning Goals.  On the first day of school your child will receive a document with this list of skills they will be expected to master (a copy will also be placed on this website for you).  In ProgressBook you will see that the learning goals for the grading period. 

You may also notice that your child’s grade changes for these Learning Goals.  This is because I will re-quiz the students on old Learning Goals we have already covered, if they show they understand it better their grade will go up and if they forget, their grade will go down.  Students may also come to see me to get re-graded on a Learning Goal; they just need to show me their quiz with the grade they want to change and be able to explain why they missed it.  If I feel they can properly explain why they missed the Learning Goal, I will give them a new question for a new grade.

To help your child learning these Learning Goals, I will do class activities, show short video clips, give notes, have them conduct experiments, and send worksheets home as homework.  All work I send home will have the answers either on it or on this website so your child can have feedback on how well they can answer the questions.  I will not grade your child’s practice (homework); I will only grade their quizzes, tests, and projects.

Every grading period your child will create a scientific project with research, data collection, analyzing data and drawing conclusions from data.  It is my goal that your child will leave my class knowing how to conduct an experiment.  All labs will be virtual and individual.

I am extremely excited to be teaching your child this year and I hope they come ready to learn.

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