4th Grade Wax Museum 4th Grade Wax Museum 4th Grade Wax Museum Super Games comes to Nashport for field day fun!  Thanks to PTO and BoxTops for funding this day. Second and Third grade students participate in a career puzzle with Mideast Vocational School representatives. Mrs. Smith completes a career puzzle with the Mideast Vocational Center team. Second Grade Winners of the 2017 Penny Wars. Aiden and Savannah treat Miss Bova to a pie in the face. Second grade was the winner of the penny wars. Penny Wars resulted in a great donation to the pound and a pie in the face for specials teachers! April 27 Nashport Student Council Shares the Love!  Students shared valentines from our school with nursing home residents. Wearing Red for Cassie Nashport's Spelling Bee Winners

Back L to R:         Lahney Searls, Zayne Andzelik, Zach Hollingshead, Abby Kopcho, Christopher Garbrandt
Front L to R:        Abby Searls, Eric Timm, Ayden Schultheis, Gwyn Dal ponte, Alivia Sims 4th Graders Celebrate Their Grandparents The 5th and 6th grade band performed for their classmates on December 19th.    1st Graders Dig Into Pumpkins Mrs. Spiker's Class and Student Teacher Miss Burch raise over $160 for the local animal shelter! Second Graders perform at the Fall Festival. Nashport celebrates Veterans Day. High School students visit 2nd grade classrooms as part of Tackling Illiteracy. Congratulations to the 5th grade students that earned prizes in the Muskingum County Salute to Veterans Day art and essay contests sponsored by the Muskingum County Veterans Day committee. Nashport students were 11 of the 16 winners. Mrs. Blaney's 3rd graders dissecting owl pellets. Mrs. Blaney's 3rd graders dissecting owl pellets. Bus Safety Mr. Balderson visits 4th grade students. First grade visits the apple orchard. Gravity in action in 2nd grade. 4th Grade Field Trip to the Statehouse

Current News

Nashport Remembers Cassie

Congratulations Mrs. Lewis!


Mrs. Lewis is retiring after 33 years as an educator.

We wish her all the best!!



2017 - 2018

Tri-Valley Middle School Boys Soccer

July 15, 2017 is the registration deadline for next fall's 7th and 8th grade teams.  

Click HERE for Information & Registration

WHIZ Visits Nashport and Celebrates Penny Wars dogs

We were able to raise a little over $2000 in one week with $505 being donated to the Muskingum County Dog Warden and Adoption Center in efforts to help build a new facility. Click on the article to see a news release from WHIZ.

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