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Sight Words

Sight words are words that children should be able to know as soon as the see them when reading. There are a variety of sight word lists. This is a list of sight words mandated by our district.

First Grade List: to, in, was, are, for, on , that, be, his, but, have, thing, up, day, her, out, went, with, how, boy, has, very, good, they, us, saw, little, jump, down, of, new, get, over, play, what, where, did, had, him, off, made, from, your, can't, will, them, old, tell, nice, because, eat, give, some, after, want, when, pretty, make, there, could, who, why, won't , these, were, one, many, as, by, too, which, girl, about, again, any, away, before, know, laugh, right, our, would, favorite, goes, their, much, long, first, done, every, does, both, been, two, read, just, together, please, if, its

Second Grade List: above, against, almost, always, American, animal, answer, awhile, begin, below, bought, brother, certain, change, children, clean, close, country, cousin, done, don't, draw, earth, enough, example, ever, family, fast, father, few, follow, form, gave, group, half, hear, high, hold, house, idea, important, keep, kind, large, learn, leave, left, letter, line, listen, live, mean, mother, move, myself, near, need, next, often, once, open, page, picture, point, really, school, second, seen, sentence, seven, show, sister, something, sound, spell, stare, started, study, sure, talk, thank, those, though, thought, took, toward, try, turn, under, until, usually, want, watch, whole, world, write, wrote, year, young

Third Grade List: across, after, alone, anybody, appear, beautiful, became, began, believe, belong, better, between, build, called, carry, caught, color, continue, cover, decide, different, direction, discover, distance, doesn't, drink, during, early, especially, exactly, except, familiar, field, figure, finish, forward, full, grow, guess, happened, happiness, hard, head, heard, heavy, however, hurt, impossible, interesting, knew, known, laugh, might, mind, moment, morning, nothing, notice, only,other, own, paper, parent, passed, perhaps, picture, piece, present, probably, problem, question, quite, ready, realize, reason, receive, remember, several, should, since, sleep, slide, sometimes, special, stood, story, therefore, through, travel, trouble, understand, voice, warm, water, whether, while, whose, without, women, work