We are pleased to be able to partner with the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services to provide before and after school childcare at a reduced cost to families. The $30.00 application fee does not qualify for assistance. 

To qualify for this reduced fee schedule, here's what you need to do:

1* Apply thru the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services and request to participate in our before and after school child care programming. Be sure to designate which building your child(ren) will be attending. 

2* Wait to be notified by ODJFS as to whether or not you qualify to use an EBB card to pay for services at Scottie Kids Club. They will notify you via US MAIL. 

Part of the contractual agreement requires you to scan your EBB card at our point of sale device EACH TIME that your child receives services.  You must also pay your co-pay every week by Friday for that week.  YOU MAY NOT ACCUMULATE WEEKS OF NON-PAYMENT. 

Failure to scan your card or pay your co-pay WEEKLY will result in two outcomes:
1)Us reporting your delinquency to your caseworker
2)You losing the ability to continue to utilize the services provided by Scottie Kids Club.

Due to the fact that participants in this ODJFS Program are made aware of their responsibilities to Scottie Kids Club when granted entrance into ODJFS Services, we will not seek you out to honor your end of this agreement.  Those who are non-compliant will be reported to ODJFS immediately.  We thank you in advance for scanning your card and paying your copays as required.